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Microsoft Business Solution Navision :

Robust foundation for Business Management :

Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision provides a perfect platform to manage the growing needs of your business. An integrated suite of business functionalities covering ERP, SCM and CRM, open architecture, database security, object oriented development environment and compact source code ensure easy implementations, maintenance, scalability and robustness of solutions.

The Navision database security not only controls who can access what but also ensures consistency of data. The Navision development environment enables easy customizations and even building of new modules which are completely integrated with the system.

Navision helps multilingual and global companies do business more efficiently. Users may use different language interfaces within one work place and invoices may be printed in customer's language.

Navision may be used either with Navision Server database or MS SQL Server. SQL enables enhanced data traffic and a better performance when number of users becomes large. Data warehouses of any size may be analyzed with built-in OLAP functionality.

Financial Management :

Navision provides what is perhaps the strongest financial management capability amongst global leaders of ERP solutions. Besides managing day to day operations, it helps you discover financial opportunities, and motivates users to do more and to learn more.

Financial information is always up-to-date, so you can easily view the specific information you need to make informed decisions. Much more than just an accounting tool, Microsoft Navision makes it easier to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities, so you can capitalize on your knowledge and unearth new opportunities.

Sales and Marketing Management :

The functions of sales and marketing require online access to the current organizational data. Knowing the finished goods inventory status, production plan, order booking status, retailer/ distributor history information are all important pieces of information that the sales and marketing team needs access to in real time. Navision helps you increase the profitability of your sales and marketing efforts by giving employees throughout your organization simultaneous access to continuously updated online information.

Accurate information about every contact helps you make smarter decisions and improve customer service. Routine tasks can be automated to make the work environment simpler and more efficient.

Production Management :

Navision provides rich functionality for production management. It provides tools to manage manufacturing processes such as production orders, bills of material, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.

Service Management :

Service Management is a tool that enables service organizations to leverage business needs and obligations with respect to service in a customer focused and profitable way. The application is targeted primarily for distributors, resellers and manufacturers of products that provide either in-house and/or on-site repair/ maintenance services.

Navision enables you always have the accurate, up-to-date information needed to control costs, organize your service resources for maximum efficiency, and provide better service. You can stay up-to-date on the current status of your inventory, pinpoint out-of-date, defective, undependable, and unnecessarily expensive spare parts and service items, identify most cost-effective spare parts and service items or the hidden spare parts and service items that add to your costs, at a glance. A better overview of company's service resources and customer needs enables more effective allocations.

Technology :

Navision provides two database options. Choose the Microsoft SQL Server option if you are already using SQL Server in your business, or if you want to take advantage of SQL Server's features, such as data warehousing and OLAP functionality. Or, choose Navision's proven Navision Server option, a powerful, robust, relational database used by thousands of Navision customers worldwide.

Connectivity is a feature of Navision and C/SIDE that lets you make use of data and functionality available in both Navision and in external applications. ODBC interface shares data with a wide range of external applications. Full data security is maintained.

User Portal delivers all the critical information employees need on their own homepage, helping them become more productive. All that's needed is access to a Microsoft browser. With User Portal it's easy for your employees to access data in Navision, no matter where they're working. Remote users, such as travelling sales representatives, can immediately access their personal homepage

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