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ERP, SCM & CRM Solutions :

The information systems infrastructure at an amazingly large number of organizations continues to be characterized by pockets of information, perhaps a basic accounting package, and a set of operational data often maintained manually using an office tool. Crucial operational decisions regarding purchase, production, order commitment, distribution and inventory management are judgmental and usually dependent on the wisdom of key employees. These organizations are unable to manage their inventory levels effectively, negotiate better prices by timely planning and consolidating purchases, and know the effectiveness of their sales & distribution network within time. They are often unable to know their customers (needs and behavior) well enough or maximize the advantages from their supplier relationships.

Automated business processes and integrated business applications are the two fundamentals that go in the making of an enterprise. Business systems for Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply-Chain collaboration and Customer Relationship Management have become a must have for efficient and progressive enterprises. Enterprise data doubles itself every 9 months and these enterprise systems are necessary to manage and leverage it.

INSTANCE SOFT CORP focuses on providing enterprise systems to mid market enterprises. Going by the principle of 'Buy what you can and build what you must', INSTANCE SOFT CORP has partnered with global leaders to bring to its customers solutions based on world-class products.

INSTANCE SOFT CORP has been working with clients from a diverse set of industries. Our understanding of their unique business processes and the expertise with our products has enabled us produce vertical solutions for these specific industries.

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