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Offshore Development and Services Center :

When drawing boundaries around the scope of a project becomes difficult or when you would like to work directly with 'your own' project team on a day-to-day basis, an Offshore Development and Services Center (ODSC) can be custom built to your requirements, providing you a virtual extension of your own office and team.

An ODSC leverages our resources, infrastructure, expertise, methodologies and processes in an integrated manner. It gives you the flexibility to participate in direct project management and Quality Control activities for projects being executed from India.

While the INSTANCE SOFT CORP team would be adequately staffed to manage and deliver projects, the model has the flexibility to enable you to position your own project managers, Technology Officers, Quality Assurance teams or other staff, at our facilities in India to work with our team of managers, analysts, designers and developers. This model provides you direct control over the project and at the same time has the 'India' cost advantage offered by the model.

Our India based development facility is of international standards and would compete with the best in the region.

Build - Operate - Transfer :
Attracted by the advantages of 'Offshore', but concerned about a long term outsourcing decision? INSTANCE SOFT CORP now helps you resolve this conflict by offering a compelling 'Build - Operate - Transfer' model for ODSC.

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